BSc thesis projects

  • Several BSc thesis projects for undergraduates are available. In case interested please fill this form first. A list of projects can be found here.
  • Knowledge of english language is mandatory, as well as some basic computing skills

Undergraduate Courses

  • (6th semester / Spring) Introduction to Nuclear & Particle Physics [see eclass]
  • (6th semester / Spring) Core Laboratory II (Nuclear Physics) [see eclass]
  • (7th semester / Fall) Nuclear Physics [see eclass]
  • (7th semester / Spring) Advanced Nuclear Physics Lab [see eclass]

Graduate Courses

  • Advanced Nuclear Physics – Dept. of Physics [see eclass]
  • Radiation and Health – Dept. of Biology (with mandatory lab) [see eclass]
  • Advanced Nuclear Physics II – for PhD candidates

Off-curriculum Courses