Research Projects for Students

Available research projects for junior and senior students

update 30.07.2020: New projects for the academic year 2020-2021 will be made available online in early September. Visit our our group’s website.

If you are interested in what we do and want to join us, please fill in this application.

First- or second-year students are more than welcome to join us: see how you can work on a short-term research project with our group. Also, if you are into coding (python, R, C/C++, bash) we have plenty of projects you can help.

For detailed descriptions of available projects, navigate here: NuSTRAP Group

We focus on:

[fundamental nuclear physics]

  • Structure of exotic isotopes (measurements of lifetimes, E/M moments)
  • Nuclear astrophysics: exploring the explosive stellar factories
  • Nuclear data (emphasis on nuclear moments, radii and masses)
  • Testing critical symmetries in nuclei

[Detector & accelerator physics]

  • Upgrade and development of new experimental contrivances for nuclear studies
  • Elecrtronic units for data handling and acquisition
  • Simulations of radiation detector setups (using specialized codes, such as MCNP and GEANT4)

[Radiation for the environment]

  • Probing biosphere processes via environmental radioactivity studies
  • Monitoring and analyzing volcanic activity
  • Machine-learning methods to assess natural hazards

[Education, Science Communication and Outreach]

  • Mobile apps development for nuclear data
  • Building interactive nuclear physics simulations for educational purposes
  • Web development of Nuclear Physics history

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