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2nd NuSTRAP Workshop

Just a little short from a year ago, I saw the need to increase our visibility as a research group full of young, talented researchers. A mini workshop to present their work seemed ideal for such a purpose, so we organized it beginning of June 2015. And it proved very successful. We had three talks, people asked questions and everybody was very happy with it (I have overcome the fear that it was an effect of the refreshments and cookies!).

So this year we decided to improve on it and build upon the first experience. We are organizing our 2nd NuSTRAP Workshop with 5 talks, one from an alumnus of our group currently pursuing graduate studies in Sweden. We will make it more open and advertise it a bit more. If you happen to be available, we ‘d be happy to have you in the audience. See more details here.

NuSTRAP Mini-Workshop 06.15

Today was a very very very interesting day for our group. I am particularly happy, we managed to gather in a room, some twenty of us, and go through our first mini-Workshop.
The First NuSTRAP mini-Workshop is a mini one, just because we had only three interesting talks for two hours.

We started at 10 am in a classroom near our lab, had some nice cake and biscuits and coffee, and attended three talks spanning a broad range of subjects, all within the research borders of our group. Ms. Lagaki, a MS student gave a nice overview of ion separation by lasers in ISOLDE, Mr Psaltis followed presenting his talk on p-process nuclei (to be presented in the upcoming p-process Workshop taking place in Cyprus in about 10 days) and Ms Mitsi presented her work on a new analysis code of micro-XRF data collected from ANKA synchrotron facility.

The real profit out of this mini-Workshop is that the whole group gathered together and people working in completely different scientific regimes (from fundamental science to applications) had the opportunity to interact and get informed of the parallel scientific directions the NuSTRAP group has been dealing with the last couple of years. My feeling is that the whole thing was quite successful and deserves to be repeated. September is a very convenient month to do it. I will keep you posted.