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NPA8 registration deadline approaching fast

The following is an email I received earlier this morning. I think it is worth-sharing.

Dear colleague,

the deadline for abstract submission to the 8th Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics International conference is approaching (February, 5).
If you plan to submit an abstract, please proceed at your earliest convenience. We appreciate your cooperation.
The abstract template, available at the conference website
is also attached to this email, for your convenience.

Thanks to the support of the European Physical Society, a limited number of travel grants will be available to EPS Individual Members (see the EPS webpage for application).
A limited partial support will be also provided to young scientists not being able otherwise to attend the conference.

We kindly ask you to upload your abstract in pdf format in the conference website:
The submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee.
Selected abstracts will be considered for either oral or poster presentation.
A poster prize of 200 € granted by the European Physical Society will be awarded during the conference.

The scientific program will be structured around the following topics:
• Big Bang nucleosynthesis and the early universe
• Explosive scenarios in astrophysics: observations, theory and experiments
• Indirect methods in nuclear astrophysics
• Neutrinos in astrophysics
• Neutron stars and the equation of state of dense matter
• Nuclear physics with lasers
• Stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis
• Tools, techniques and facilities
• Underground nuclear astrophysics

We remind you that the conference will be held from June 18th through June 23rd, 2017 in Catania, Italy, at the INFN – Laboratori Nazionali del Sud.

A preliminary list of the invited speakers is also available at the conference website.

All correspondence and requests concerning the conference should be sent to:

We look forward to seeing you in Catania.

Sincerely Yours
C. Spitaleri and M. Lattuada
on behalf of the NPA8 Local Organizing Committee

ps. We apologize for multiple emails. Please, feel free to forward this email to whoever might be interes

Nuclear Data 2016 – Bruges

For a nuclear structure experimentalist, it might not be worth attending a big Conference, such as Nuclear Data 2016, which is dominated by nuclear reactions and an infinite number of cross-section measurements of all kinds (it’s not an exaggeration to say 80% is neutrons on uranium). Nevertheless, the limited sessions dedicated to data regarding nuclear structure had its own value: meet bureaucrats, higher-rank officials and database managers that are at the core of information dissemination and data evaluation. For all it’s worth, ND2016 was an interesting International Conference of ~500-600 participants held in a magic city: Bruges (Brugge for the locals).

Never been in Bruges before, but it surely had a large impression on me. First, the weather for Belgian standards was excellent. Sunshine, dry atmosphere, 28C for a full week and very few clouds just for a morning. Easy to walk or ride your bike, Bruges is UNESCO Heritage City, preserving the local architecture style today, which except some large buildings (cathedrals, palaces, some old factories) imitates the gothic style that makes her distinct.

The Conference did not offer any lunch or dinner, except a ceremonial one the night before the last day in the beautiful Belfort located in central Market, so it was a good opportunity to explore the city during the noon breaks and nights. Even the most fanatic anti-alcohol could not resist the charm of the highest number of beer labels offered in the pubs. Try Beerwall next time you be there and you will get amazed.

If you are not visiting for a conference or a football game (place was flooded by Leicester fans on Wednesday due to a Champions League match) Bruges is a place for a romantic weekend. You have all the comfort in time to visit all major attractions, visit monuments, cathedrals, bridges crossing the streams. You can admire the beautiful swans swimming in the waters and enjoy good food and beer. On the expensive side, especially if you are staying inside the old city (Oud Brugge), the city is simply great for a short visit.

I hear that the next Nuclear Data (ND2019) will be held in Beijing, but INPC2019 will take place in Edinburgh. So, dear students of the NuSTRAP group, put some extra effort and we could have nice works to present in Scotland in three years!

Postcards from HNPS2015

It has been a great time in Ioannina over the last two days during the 24th Symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society (HNPS2015, 22-23.05.2015). Ioannina has always been a favorite city, the place where I spent my undergraduate and part of my graduate years and where I still have lots of friends. My visit was quite short; however a great one.

The Symposium itself was a real success. The organizers did their best in providing a majestic experience to all participants. The Conference Center is perhaps the most luxurious I have visited in Greece with hitech facilities and comfortable seat to keep you undistracted during the sessions. The Nuclear Physics community is a rather small one, but very active in a variety of projects ranging from fundamental aspects of the nucleon to applications benefiting the society and the environment. I have attended quite interesting talks about new theoretical works on nuclear astrophysics, medical applications, new reaction codes. Highlight of the Symposium was the presence of the heart and soul of nTOF experiment, Dr Franz Käppeler of KIT, as an invited lecturer who delivered a very interesting overview of recent data as well as future directions. I am sure that the audience, dominated in numbers by undergraduates (65 out of 128 registered people!) were given the chance to open their horizons in their future research directions.

The next Symposium will take place in Athens, organized by INRUSHES and INPP at NCSR Demokritos. If all goes well, our group will be there.


The 24th Symposium of the Hellenic Nuclear Physics Society is taking place in the University of Ioannin on 22-23.05.2015.
If you are a fellow researcher or a student working in the field of fundamental and/or applied nuclear physics consider participating to the Symposium.

Abstract submissions and registration is still open (deadline is 08.05.2015 for both). Follow the links of the official website.

The NuSTRAP group are planning a massive participation with 4 posters and 1 oral presentation. Links to posters and DOI will be provided at a later stage.