Accurate measurement of the first excited nuclear state in 235U

We have used superconducting high-resolution radiation detectors to measure the energy level of metastable 235mU as 76.737 ± 0.018 eV. The 235mU isomer is created from the α decay of 239Pu and embedded directly into the detector. When the 235mU subsequently decays, the energy is fully contained within the detector and is independent of the decay mode or the chemical state of the uranium. The detector is calibrated using an energy comb from a pulsed UV laser. A comparable measurement of the metastable 229mTh nucleus would enable a laser search for the exact transition energy in 229Th229mTh as a step towards developing the first ever nuclear (baryonic) clock.

Figure 2

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Quantum Simulation of the Quantum Rabi Model in a Trapped Ion

The quantum Rabi model, involving a two-level system and a bosonic field mode, is arguably the simplest and most fundamental model describing quantum light-matter interactions. Historically, due to the restricted parameter regimes of natural light-matter processes, the richness of this model has been elusive in the lab. Here, we experimentally realize a quantum simulation of the quantum Rabi model in a single trapped ion, where the coupling strength between the simulated light mode and atom can be tuned at will. The versatility of the demonstrated quantum simulator enables us to experimentally explore the quantum Rabi model in detail, including a wide range of otherwise unaccessible phenomena, as those happening in the ultrastrong and deep strong-coupling regimes. In this sense, we are able to adiabatically generate the ground state of the quantum Rabi model in the deep strong-coupling regime, where we are able to detect the nontrivial entanglement between the bosonic field mode and the two-level system. Moreover, we observe the breakdown of the rotating-wave approximation when the coupling strength is increased, and the generation of phonon wave packets that bounce back and forth when the coupling reaches the deep strong-coupling regime. Finally, we also measure the energy spectrum of the quantum Rabi model in the ultrastrong-coupling regime.

Figure 4


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